The Erlingue Series

A YA epic fantasy royalty adventure

Sisters separated by war...

Brothers divided by hate...

To stop their world being torn apart by darkness, will they find a way to unite?

A royal rivalry divides the two princes of Erlingue. A bloody battlefield separates the two princesses of Arbinad. And a creature of darkness waits to destroy them all.

When Kat’s father, the King of Arbinad, tells her and her sister to flee the coming war, only one of them listens. Determined to help her army, Kat instead disguises herself as a boy and joins their ranks as an archer.

But the battle turns bloodier than anyone anticipated, and before she can escape, Kat is taken captive by the crown prince of Erlingue.

As second in line, Prince Thomas isn’t the one taking the throne. But he knows he would make a better king than his power-hungry older brother. So when he finds Kat as his brother’s prisoner, they begin an unlikely alliance to seek the sinister new king’s demise.

But little do they know, a darker power is at work behind the new king. And civil war has stolen safety away from Kat’s sister.

Can they unite forces in time to stop their world being torn apart?

What readers are saying:

A great story, filled with clearly depicted characters, lots of action, betrayal, and fighting for survival. Oh, and a little love too. I really liked it.

-Amazon reviewer

What a wonderful story for all types of readers! Fast paced action, a tinge of romance, family drama, and a bit of magic brings this book to a solid 5 stars.

-Amazon reviewer

The Heir by Claudia Klein is an absolute gem that had me hooked right from the start. This book is a perfect blend of romance, suspense, and family drama that kept me glued to its pages. Klein's storytelling is incredible, bringing the characters to life in a way that made me feel like I was right there with them. The plot is full of surprises that kept me up way past my bedtime cause I was so determined to finish the book! I loved how the characters grew and changed throughout the story—it felt like they were real people. If you're looking for an exciting and emotional read, I highly recommend The Heir.

— Amazon reviewer

Meet the author

Claudia Klein began writing as soon as she could spell. She began her first full length fantasy novel in high school soon after reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time for British Literature class. She's been writing fantasy ever since. Though she didn't study writing in college, she founded a women's writing club for the women of her university. Soon after college she was introduced to the Indie author world and knew it was for her. She's been publishing her books ever since.

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